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Dry fly anglers have names like Sterling and Stanforth. Streamer fishermen have names like Earl and Bubba. Studies indicate that streamer fishermen have bowling scores which average at least 23 points above those of dry fly fishermen.”

And so begins Mike Lawson from Buckeyeflyfishers his essay on streamerfishing. For my part, I fish following this principle: 

The more techniques you master along the same stream, the more fish you will catch…

– However , a fish rising to a dry fly is still the ultimate fly fishing experience , say our friends Sterling and Stanford. Yes, maybe … but a Bigger Trout striking the fly “on the swing ” is a fly fishing experience worth experiencing! Then what about the burgers, one might wonder…Well…there is nothing like when bun meat bun 😉



Who am I?


Daniel Podobed at In Pursuit of Trout asked me a couple of questions:

“Oskar Hagelin is a fly tyer from Sweden who is known for designing and tying some kick ass streamers. If you follow any of the social media channels you will recognize his work, and the big streamer revolution going on in Sweden right now. I was familiar with Oskar’s work as it has been featured on Paul Beel’s website Franken Fly among several others. I was excited when I got a chance to ask Oskar a few questions about his fly tying, and his thoughts on the current streamer Renaissance going on in America and now abroad.”

– Seeing as I won’t be fly fishing Sweden anytime soon- although I would love to, tell me a little about the fisheries. Do you fish primarily big rivers, or smaller streams?

“Both big and small rivers. It’s a small country as you know but there are some waters up north which are very healthy. Actually there is an extremely…

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