There is something about the Grumpy Muppet…


New streamer junkie Nik releasing a good 7.7 pounder


Good ol’ Grumpy


Thnx Mike…and thnx Niklas.

I’ve been fly fishing for some twenty odd years…and effective time…well…much less….
Where I live I have, and have had, several hours of travel to get to the waters in northern Sweden witch hold the fish i yearn for: grayling and TROUT.

Due to the above, the effective time of fishing these waters have been rather sparse.

Massive trout.
Well, I’ve fished some waters holding trout of greater measures, but as in any stream, there are not a lot of them, and due to the small amount of time that I’ve spent here, this trout with a capitol T has become the dream that never seemed to come true. The biggest so far weighed in at about four pounds….


Time, these days, seems to be the key. Time, or lack of time: the problem we all are struggling with. I know that I think that thought over and over, all the time.

What to do?
What do I know?
I know…that big trout eat big fish.
So…what to do? Fish big streamers.
I’ve known that but I’ve never given it a fair chance.


This has been a journey.
I started two years ago, researching the internet for streamerfishing and scanning the tube and the first scoop I found was Mr Colin Carson, aka Finpusher. I kinda laughed a bit at the king size streamer that he used and the amount of fly tying material he put in his flies.
At the same time I saw that he caught fish…and a lot of them.
Continuing the journey of learning I found a small amount of people that were really into this… Kelly Galloup aka “The Streamer King”, Mike Schmidt, Richard Strolis, Nick Granato, Matt Grajewski, Thomas Harvey, Curtis Fry, Brian Wise, and Louise Cahill at Gink and Gasoline…and the more I read, the more certain I became…This is the way.



I tied some flies and got to it.
As I mentioned above, I do not live near any “hot spot” but there is, however, one put&take stream in “the neighborhood” called Baltak in river Tidan, two hours away, holding trout and rainbow trout. I refer to Baltak as my training camp…For 1.5 years I never picked up a dryfly, nor a nymph. And I got fish…and a lot of them….

Then leaving the stocked trout waters, again fishing the Waters of the great North, my new beliefs came true, because: 

Today…in a stream…witch name is a secret…I got the trout…of my dream…on a streamer…called The Grumpy Muppet…and the trout…weighed in…at 11 pounds…and over…



Well…I hooked this fish all by myself…but there are two people who are equally a part of this catch:
Mr. Michael Schmidt,
The Creator of the fly “Grumpy Muppet”.
Not only a master flytyer but also a great person, always eager to help out.
Be sure to visit his site:

Mr. Niklas Andersson,
The one who has the boat, the one who took the pictures, the one who tailed the trout, but foremost, a dear friend and fellow fisherman.
Be sure to visit his site:



Gran Fandango Olive & Ljusnan. The Perfect Match.


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